19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 23

net.)—A collection of Professor Beers' verse. A section is devoted

to such whimsicalities as the following quotation from "A Fish Story," intended as a warning to a young collegian on the downward path :- " A whale of high porosity, And low specific gravity, Dived down with much velocity Beneath the sea's concavity.

Bat soon the weight of water Squeezed in his fat immensity,

Which varied—as it ought to—

Inversely as his density."

—The Sisters of the Spinning Wheel. By Nina Singh. (Dent. 6s. net.)—Translations from the Granth Sahib of the Sikhs

and some original verse much in the style of Sir Ra,bindranath Tagore. Only occasionally, as in " The Black Cuckoo," will the reader find a freshness and simplicity that bears comparison with Chinese poetry.