19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 26

Messrs. Bartholomew and Son have published a good Map of

Europe, printed in colours, which shows the new.political boundaries with railways and a large number of place-names. An inset-map gives the old boundaries. The price is only a shilling. We observe that the boundary of the mandate territory of Northern Syria is inaccurately given as coinciding with the Baghdad railway. It is true that the French propose to give back the district north of the railway to the Turks, contrary to their mandate, but the treaty frontier runs a long way north of the line.—Messrs. Sifton Praed have issued a timely Sketch Map of the Pacific Ocean (Is. net), with notes on the political and com- mercial situation and a table of distances which in itself is most instructive. San Francisco is 2,091 miles from Honolulu, 4,536 from Yokohama, and 6,218 from Manila. The Pacific problem must be envisaged in the light of such facts as these.