19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 26

Taboo and Genetics. By M. M. Knight, Ph.D., Iva Lowther

Peters, Ph.D., and Phyllis Blanchard, Ph.D. (Kegan Paul. 10s. 6d.)—Taboo and Genetics, though it does not pretend to a conclusive treatment of the subject, will prove a valuable text- book to those mho are concerned with the subject of sex relation- ship. The book is divided into three parts, each by a different author. The first and the best part is concerned with biology and the sex problems of a civilized society ; the second is an account of the primitive taboos connected with sex in primitive communities, especially taboos which affect the position of women ; the third is concerned with sex problems in general in the light of modern psychology. The book will make the reader feel that no one who has not studied the three aspects of the question which are considered in this book can speak with any sort of authority of sexual morality. He will also probably comrade that there is yet another aspect of the case which these authors have not considered—it is what, for the sake of brevity, we might call the aesthetic point of view. —Dr. Phyllis Blanchard has also published The Care of the Adolescent Girl (same publisher, 7s. 6d. net), a book which should prove valuable to any mother or teacher who has the care of girls and who is anxious to understand the principles by which she can help her child or pupil over a, difficult period. Dr. Blanchard's work is well balanced, and she has both experi- ence and a good knowledge of recent biological, psychological and sociological research.