19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 26

The Victoria and Albert Museum has issued an interesting Catalogue

of Works by William De Morgan, which are in the Department of Ceramics (Stationery Office : ls. net, post free ls. lid.), with a short account of De Morgan's career and a technical note by Mr. Halsey Ricardo on De Morgan's tiles and pottery. We may note that the remark that " De Morgan found that pressed' tiles, i.e., those made mechanically by compression from dry, finely-powdered clay, were unsuitable for outdoor use " is somewhat misleading. De Morgan's own technique was imperfect, but vast numbers of ",pressed " tiles made by other manufacturers are used with entire success in external decorations. The catalogue is illustrated with sixteen photographs of dishes and tiles, sketch-designs and marks. De Morgan's pottery was very unequal, but now and then he produced some charming pieces.