19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 3

Sir Percy Girouard declares that the plant has been greatly

improved by new devices which ho explains, and that the " coalite " is quite equal to anthracite and can bo produced at a profit. As 833 tons of slack have been carbonized during the past two months, the process would seem to have passed beyond the experimental stage. With a larger plant, the results attained might have been even more successful. Sir Percy Girouard's warm commendation of the process at any rate suggests that a thorough inquiry into its possibilities should' be made by other experts. We do not know whether the Fuel Research Board has interested itself in the matter, but if the almost worthless slack can be converted into a good smokeless fuel at a moderate frost the benefit to the whole community will be incalculable. There ought to be a speedy end to the practice of sending millions of pounds' worth of by-products up our chimneys in smoke. By that inane act we waste our money and foul our atmosphere.