19 NOVEMBER 1954, Page 24


Snt,—Mr. Mallalieu, In his article ' Tell Spartak,' is disturbed, and rightly so, at th4 behaviour of Arsenal's captain at the end of the match. But he appears to approve, of at least to condone, an action which is to m mind equally reprehensible. It was all right too,' he says, ' when Logic as captain prof tested to the referee—though Logic need no] have kept his protest going for so long.'

Now such behaviour may be quite usual, but it is certainly not ' all right.' The essenc of British sportsmanship, surely, is to accep the ruling of the umpire or referee, and thi Is a fact that both players and spectators o all games would do well to remember.—Yo faithfully, J. A. SHARMAN 35 West Street, Oundle, Peterborough