19 NOVEMBER 1954, Page 24

THE CITY OF LONDON SIR,—Congratulations on your excellent special number

recording something of the history, the life and work of the City of London. To the writer, the City is a unique unit of government which has evolved from the 'mists of the long past. So many have contributed to its building and within its borders so much goes on, trade and com- merce, banking, finance, insurance, markets of all kinds, the City Companies of ancient origin representing many crafts and the City's Courts of law. St. Paul's Cathedral and the City Churches, together, are rich in interest and historical association. Fleet Street, and its importance to the Press, has its place .in the City—and there is Rahere's Hospital, St. Bartholomew's.

For over sixty years, I have come to work in the City and during that time have seen many changes. When I started in 1892, there was but one ' tube,' the modest one which ran from London Bridge to Clapham. There was the steam ' underground ' but road trans- port was the horse-drawn omnibus, the hansom cab and the four-wheeler. Pater- noster Row, bookland, is no more as a place where one could spend half an hour browsing over books and which became so busy at Christmas. Gone also are those splendid horses that drew the City..dustcarts.

So one could go on. There are some amenities for the army of workers that pours into the City daily which should be men- tioned. I refer to the beautiful gardens at St. Paul's Cathedral and Finsbury Circus— the very well equipped Guildhall Library and the Art Gallery and Museum and the splendid panels in the Royal Exchange. The City Authorities do try to give pleasure to those who come to build the City's prosperity.— Yours faithfully,