19 NOVEMBER 1954, Page 67

Kathleen Ferrier : A Memoir. Edited by Neville Cardus. (Flamish

Hamilton. its. 6d.) THAT a woman who in her teens had shown sufficient promise as a pianist to broadcast, should have arisen as a singer in the short span of a decade from traditionally oratorio- loving Lancashire to be acclaimed by Dr. Bruno Walter and Vienna as the perfect interpreter of Mahler's Das. Lied von der Erde is a 'fantastic' achievement and the pride of every Briton with an ounce of music in hint Her teacher, Roy Henderson, modestly writes: 'It was Kathleen herself, her great gift of voice, her hard work, artistry, sincerity, personality and above all her character that made her great.'

It is difficult to enshrine in print the spirit of this great artist who was snatched from our midst at the early age of forty- one, and, as Sir John Barbirolli says, 'There is the grave danger of setting down a string of superlatives which would tend to become agent and friend, does not appear as a contributor to give a more detailed and sustained account of the last wonderful years.

The thanks of all who believe with Neville Cardus that 'not since Ellen Terry has any artist been so universally loved' are due to

Hamish Hamilton for enabling the thleen Ferrier Memorial Scholarship Fund to benefit from the proceeds of this vclunie.