19 NOVEMBER 1977, Page 18


Sir: That well-known opponent of liberal abortion laws, J Alan Smith, writes (Letters, 22 October) 'The British Pregnancy Advisory Service. . . seems to advise against pregnancy'. This is not only stupid but also untrue, BPAS is delighted when a woman becomes pregnant if this is what she and her partner want. Neither does BPAS 'advise' its clients in the sense of telling them what to do, or attempt to impose a particular point of view. The purpose of BPAS counselling is to help clients discover what they really feel and what they really want and then to explore the various possibilities for putting their requirements into practice. This is quite different from being either 'for' or 'against' anything.

Diane Munday British Pregnancy Advisory Service Austy Manor Wootton Wawen, Solihull