19 NOVEMBER 1977, Page 18

'Good life' in Ulster

Sir: Desiree Hirst's admonitory lecture (5 November) summarises the objectives which, if only adopted by the Ulster Protestants and government, and patronised by Dr O'Brien, could mean that 'a good life for all in Northern Ireland should be within reach'.

Can she now propose in more detail the methods required to persuade the Protestants to 'learn to show respect for the aspirations of others who differ from them and work together with Catholics. .along the various practical lines which all sensible people realise are necessary' to ensure 'an acceptance of an Irish dimension in some fashion', and to promote 'civilised attitudes'?

And are the examples of Algeria and South Africa really close enough to be helpful? Or is it this refusal in England to recognise the particular nature of the Irish problem which has so long ravelled it in wool?

P. M. G. Shiel Pasture House, Juniper, Hexham, Northumberland.