19 NOVEMBER 1977, Page 18

New New Yorkers

Sir: John McEwen's comments on New York (5 November) were interesting, but contained a surprising error. 'The only foreigners you never see in New York are Indians and Pakistanis.' Well, perhaps many Indians and Pakistanis are now citizens and no longer foreigners, and perhaps their number here is small compared to London's, but I find Manhattan is abundant with them.

If Mr McEwen had travelled along Lexington Avenue in the East 20s, he would have found their presence — in the form of shops and restaurants and, of course, in person — impossible to miss. Their arrival is, I admit, fairly recent, but it is growing steadily (and goes far beyond that Lexington Avenue area). And by any evidence I see, that fact is a good thing.

Thomas Cogan, Jr 111 E. 21st St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226