19 OCTOBER 1850, Page 1


QUEEN Vienna& has returned to ' ,Osboine Without permitting the people of Edinburgh to enjoy the full lustre of the royal presence ; for the Queen and Prince Consort only passed one night int titii Scot- tish capital, and started again in a few hours without, any public reception.

The policy of this reserve is questionable. ltonuaDytis^,iiiainl, tamed in all its popidarity while good government is united with p. certain ease of access to the splendid presence : the Sovereign is net only a person, but an institution; and the public deems itself to:have a right in the institation Which the person is bound:to re- cognize. Reserve has destroyed the popularity of many monarchs some in Queen Victoria s own family : it was perhaps the fault which most contributed to extinguish the public favour for George the Fourth: The.point, though it turns upon a triviality, hi 'worth reconsideration.