19 OCTOBER 1850, Page 11

Anticipatory despite.110 4pin, M4sei11è tiring to London the main features

of the news by the Indian mail, which left Bombay on the 17th September, Calcutta on the 7th September, and Hongkong on the 24th August In the Pintjaub the people were showing settled indus- try, and an unprecedented breadth of land was under cultivation. A report that Sir Henry Lawrence was in captivity with an independent tribe in Cashmere is discredited. Sir Charles Napier seta out home on the 5th November. Lieutenant Goodrich had been acquitted by the court-martial on him • and Lieutenant Rose had been reprimanded, m Sir Charles Napier's words, for not "applying his boasted supsrior strength to the defence of his person and honour.'

The war in the territory of the Nizam continued.

The Overland China Mail states that a large body of men, some 50,000, is in actual rebellion against the Emperor in the province of Kwang-si; and that they have advanced 2000 strong into Kwangtung, and to with- in one hundred miles of Canton city. The rebels profess to extermi- nate the existing Tartar (Manchu) dynasty, and restore the former Chinese (Ming) dynasty ; in Kwang-si, are many independent tribes who have never been subdued by the ruling dynasty.