19 OCTOBER 1850, Page 11

MONEY MARKET, Brocx Esc:us:me, FRIDAY APTIOL1100/1. The English Stock Market

continued firm till yesterday ; when, in conse- quence of the continued decline in the French Funds, a slight decline occurred. Prices are better again this afternoon ; and the closing quota- tions, 971 for Money and 971 1 for Account, are within per cent of the highest of the week. Considerable business has been transacted for Money ; the investments on account of the Dividends having been considerable ; and today, upon the opening of the books of Reduced Three per Cents and Three-and-a-quarter per Cents, the bustle observable in the offices appro- priated to these particular Stocks was greater than usual. Scarcely any bar- gains of a speculative character have occurred ; and with the exception of the transactions just noticed, the business has been unimportant. Mouey is again abundant.

In the Foreign Market, a disposition to sell both varieties of Russian Stook has been observable : the sellers were mostly brokers employed by houses con- nected with Holland and Germany : the transactions, however, were limited; and though the market was heavy, no material fall in price occurred. To- day, however, the aspect has completely changed, in consequence, as is understood, of the arrangement of the dispute between Prussia and Austria upon the subject of Hesse-Cassel ; and there is a foreign demand at rather better prices. Speculation in Peruvian Stock, which has been dormant for some tame, has again revived. The Deferred Stock seems to be the principal attraction ; which has consequently risen about 5 per cent. Mexican Bonds were depressed, in consequence of the daily continuance of extensive sales ; and as these transactions were not of a speculative character, a very large de- livery of Stock took place yesterday—settling day. The concluding sale of about 70,0001. has, it is understood, been effected today ; and the market has con- sequently improved, closing from to per cent above recent prioes. The- transactions in Spanish Active Stock have been insignificant : the Three per Cents are alightly firmer, the market being almost bare of Stock. Nothing of importance has occurred in Portuguese; which is rather higher than last week.

The Railway Shares continue to advance ; the prices of most of the prin- cipal lines being rather more than 11. higher than last week. There seems evidently a disposition to buy Shares in anticipation of the wonders to bei worked by the Exhibition of 1851.


There is no change or business of importance occurring in the English' Funds. The only activity observable in the Foreign Market is in Peruvian Stock, of which the Deferred Bonds are firmer, being quoted at 881. Rus- sian Four-and-a-half per Cents are steady at the closing quotations of yes- terday-97/ f. The few transactions as yet noted in Railway Shares are at quotations that fully maintain the prices of yesterday.


The English Stock Market closes, without the occurrence of any business of importance, at the morning's prices. In the Foreign Market, Peruvian Deferred Stock has given way slightly, and closes from to / per cent below our morning's prices. The other Foreign Bonds are without material change. The following.are the principal bargains recorded—,Brezilian, ,00 ,hiliaii Three jur Cents, 62 I ; Mexican, 311 k I ; ,Peruvian 821 / I; Di Dfffeired, per Cents, 171 ft; • ankh ;Three: Iteil: Cents, 18 i ; Dutch Two-ancli-a..helf. 38•37i I / ; PoreuFse Four per Cents, 38 i I I; RussialiFour=ifinla'jhalf •

per (Rine, 57 i 8 ; itto Four per. Ciente, 88I94. : • The Railway- Share Marliet coatinnee.flrea, and.* most cases the business I:tans:acted Ites been at quotations equal te those, of yfeterday.. The' fo;:eitie . arc the arindPitl" bargiuns occumng=Aberdeen, 9•; Anibergate,..1° "iiiiid' Boston, I i ; Chester and Holyhead Preference 101 ;,..Easteen Comities; Off; Great Northern, 141; .' Great Western 711 1; 4.aneislaire. and Yorkshireo Fifths, 21 i ; London end. Itlackwell, '8/4 •,' lieoii • Beightotal and ,flieutle i Coast, S4.1 4,- . Leaden and North- Weetern,117,1 Wort andSouth-westen) 71 k; North Staffordshire, 71; Redding., Gull . id, andleigate;1811; e :•• 70 691; 'llidlapd, 44 .k k ; Ditto '501. Share‘01 . 1 4'; North British,. 7 tish Central, 114; South-eastern and Dover, • Ok lilt k ;"York, Newcastle;-- and Berwick, 1744; Ditto Extension, 121 ; York end North Midland; 24 at ;-- . Ditto Preference, 84; Boulopie and Amiens, 81 ; Central of Frauee, (Orleans and Vierzon,) 141; Namur and Liege, 744; Paris and Rouen, 241; , Paris and Strasbourg, 74; Rouen and Havre, 10; Tours and Nantes, 34.

3 per Cent Consols 97 Danish 3 per Cents 76 8 Ditto for Account 97 1 Dutch 24 per Cents 57

3 per Cent Reduced 96 Ditto 4 per Cents 1

1 88 91

31 per Cents 98 i Mexican 1 8

5 per Cents 1846 .. 31 1

Long Annuities 9415-16 Peruvian 6 per Cents 82 4

Bank Stock 210 211 : Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842. 335 4 Exchequer Bills 67 70 poi. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 86 8 India Stock 265 8 Russian 5 per Cents 109 11 Brazilian 5 per Cents 89 91 ; Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents. 181 4 Belgian 45 per Cents 90 2 ; Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 381 91 Chilian 6 per Cents 100 2 • Venezuela 32 4 Danish 5 per Cents 100 101