19 OCTOBER 1850, Page 21


Tue-sclam, ipatober 15. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvez.-Boucher and' Corke, Bristol. maltsters-Iteid and Butcher, Red Lion Sqoare, arcbiteets-Traack and Coles, Warwiek Place; Warwick Square, schoolmistresses-Procter anti:loth, Leeds, plastereni-Scott Aunt_ 31!Glaii-- son, Greystoke, Cumberland, timber-merchants,-Seat and Compton, 1ieiceete4 millers-Labron and Day, Birmingliam,,,foR9ap-Marsliall and Stafford, Jerrayn Street, auctioneer-Ban at ,Xeswick , blacklead-pencil-manufacturers- Spence and Co. Sundeitifid, ri)1 b eia='Silter iendlTunneeliff,,Birkgntread; tea- dealers--Croll and GlovetAnffo etliClerkeriwell; manufacturers of patent dry gas-meters-Dixon and' CSC Ely Place, jewellers; as far as regards .1. Dixou-H ob- son and Sons, Warrington, corn-dealers-Wood and Wilton. Great Wigborough, Es- sex, farmers-Bedington jun. and Docker, Birmingham, railway-lamp-manufactu- rers-Moore and Co. Thomas Street, Walworth, carters-Petter and Shapland, Wig- more Street, milliners-Mercer and Edwards, Tunbridge Wells, carpenters-H. and T. Drake, Woolwich, linen-drapers-Rollason and Co. Birmingham, brass- founders-Walsh and Dayman, Oxford, attornies-Milne and Co. Montrose, starch- manufacturers.

Balcrucers.-Tnowas WESLEY, Newport Pagnel, hotelkeeper, to surrender Oct. 29, Nov. 28: solicitors, Pooley and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee, John- son, Basinghall Street-Balmy rooter, Wisbeach St. Peter's, carpenter, Oct. 23, Nov. 28: solicitoro, Batters, Lincoln's Inn Fields; Metcalfe jun. Wisbeach; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-Towles DAISY, Hythe, builder, Oct. 23, Nov. 26: so'icitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street ; official assignee, Gramm, Coleman Street-WILLIAM HENRY Boom, Plymouth, ironmonger, Nov. 7, Dec. 5: solicitors, Edmonds and Sons, Plymouth ; Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Hernaman, Exeter.

Dormeams.-Nov. 6, Evans, Dorking, stone-mason-Nov. 6, Ground, Wis- beach, draper-Nov. 8, Hemming, Chiswell Street, elastic-surgical-instrument- maker-Nov. 5, Kaye, Pimlico, coal-merchant-Nov. 5, Foster, Chesterton. Cheshire, agricultural-machinist-Nov. 8, Smeeton, Ipswich, tailor-Nov. 8, Leach, Newmarket, tailor-Nov. 8, Gill, Plumber's Row, City Road, grocer- Nov. 5, Maude and Co. Northfieet, Kent, cement-manufacturers-Nov. 5, Ilodg- kinson, Weston Street, l'entonville, slater-Nov. 7, Boole and Lockyer, St. James's Walk, Clerkenwell, metal-tool-merchants--Nov. 7, Banfil, Edward Street, Langham Place, cabinet-maker-Nov. 5, Baker, Deptford, grocer-Nov. 5, Freeman, Edgeware Road, victualler-Nov. 7, Gowing, Swaffham, bookseller-Nov. 5, Ward, 13ishopsgate Street Within, chemist -Nov. 7, Holloway, Minories, clock-manufacturer-Nov. 5, Fenton, %Avery Row, Bond Street, baker-Nov. 7, T. IT. Vella, Durham, printer-Nov. 7, Hornsby and Mould. Newcastle-upon- Tyne, builders-Nov. 8, Clarke, Liverpool, merchant-Nov. 4, Lees, Wednesbury, coach-step-manufacturer.

CERTIFICATE/1.-2b be granted. unless cause be ahoton to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-Nov. 7, Buck, Queen's Road, Dalston-Nov. 7, Taylor, High Street, Shadwell, cheesemonger-Nov. 7, Tappenden, Friendly Place, Old Kent Road, tailor-Nov. 5, Binekes, Blackheath, dealer in Berlin wools-Nov. 6, Beach, Woolwich, victualler-Nov. 6, Congdon, Spring Street, Paddington, painter- Nov. 6, Gray, Great Tower Street, builder-Nov. 6, Barnard, Carnaby Street, Golden Square, oilman-Nov. 12, Mountford, Greenwich, stationer-Nov. 8, Black, Liverpool, provision-broker-Nov. 7, Tyther, Birmingham, tallow-chan- dler-Nov. 6, Kirkland, Stockport, joiner-Nov. 7, Hartley, Bury, machine-maker- Nov. 6, Gray and Williams, Chester, engineers. DECLARATION OF Dromman.-Jameson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, mercer; first div. of 5a. 6d. on new proofs (in part of first div. previously declared of 68. 8d.) Oct. 19, or any subsequent Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Scowls Smouranunoxs.-Bisset and Co. Whitehead, Edinburgh, leather-mer- chants, Oct. 21, Nov. 11-Anderson, Newhills, Aberdeenshire, builder, Oct. 22, Nov. 12-Murray, Glasgow, lace-merchant, Oct. 16, Nov. 6-Stevenson, Glasgow, aErated- water-manufacturer, Oct. 21, Nov. 11-Ross, Tain, spirit-dealer, Oct. 22, Nov. 13.

Friday, October 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOICED.-Ferguson and Clarkson. Ormekirk, tailors-Purnell and Freemantle-Underhill and Co. Westbromnich, iron-masters-J. and R. W. Newman, Soho Square, colourmakers-Hawkins and Andrade, Suffolk Place, Lower Road, Islington, milliners-litant and Lear, Storrington, Sussex, attornies-Clark and Cobbett, Bear Garden, Southwark, plumbers-Hebblethwaite and Knowles, Ha- lifax, cabinet-makers-Carmichael and Co. Stonehouse, Devonshire, drapers-Jeffs and Alston, Skerton„ Lancashire, railway-contractors-Ashcroft and Willett. Liver- pool, mahogany-dealers-Ashcroft and Co. Liverpool, mahogany-brokers-Bischoff- sheini and Co. Angel Court, Throgmorton Street. merchants ; as far as regards H. Avig,dor-Gamble and Baddeley, Liverpool, ship-brokers-Heunblet and Evans, Dud- ley, grocers-J. and B. Riley, Bury, plumbers-Herbert and Co. Nottingham, lace- manufacturers-Ashton and Ginn, Liverpool, shipwrights-Woodhams and Wood- hams junior, Arlington, Sussex, millers-Wigton and Co. Sheffield, brush-manufac- twers-Griffin and Co. Beale's Wharf, Southwark, wharfingers-Weerdon and Co. Bread Street, merchants-Cross and Co. Liverpool, steam-boat-proprietors-E. R. and C. J. Rigby, Gracechurch Street, brush-manufacturers-- Simpson and Son, Man- chester, machine-makers-Albano and De Aguirre, Marylebone Street, patentees- The Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank ; as far as regards the executors of the late Mrs. M. Haddow or Dale-The Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank ; as far as regards J. and S. Richmond, and J. S. Moffat, and M. G. Moffat or Lindsay. Raxicauers-Wourow Pr000rr, Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire, shopkeeper, to surrender Nov. 1, Dec. 3: solicitors, Cole and Co. Adelphi Terrace ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-Braumue Timarr,Ventnor, draper, Oct. 25, Nov. 29 : solici- tors, Hardwick and Davidson, Basinghall Street; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basing- hall Street-Josue CLARE, Soham, dealer in flour, Oct. 25, Nov. 29: solicitor. Wil- kin, Furnival's Inn ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Wri.max FORD, High Holborn, haberdasher, Oct. 25, Nov. 28: solicitors, Linklater, Charlotte Row, Mansionhouse ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-Catania Jonas, Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire, grocer, Nov. 4, 19: solicitors, Smith, Birmingham ; Pemberton, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool-James FLELDING, Higher Ardwick, Lancashire, provision-dealer, Oct. 31, Nov. 21: solicitors, White- head and Son, Rochdale; official assignee, Hobson, Manchester. DIVIDENDS.-Nov. 12, Kemp, Uxbridge, grocer-Nov. 12, Mallet, College Street, Belvedere Road, lighterman-Nov. 8, Maunder, Peel Place, Kensington Gravel Pits, baker-Nov. 8, Wetherilt, Down Street, ironmonger-Nov. 8, Sheward, Norwich, pawnbroker-Nov. 9, Corvan, Hampstead Road, baker-Nov. 8, Baker, Cheltenham, boot-maker-Nov. 12, Card, Westbury, miller-Nov. 12, Ubsdell, Exbury, Hamp- shire, brick-maker-Nov. 15, Potter, New Bond Street, haberdasher-Nov. 15, Lane, Lisson Grove North, corn-dealer-Nov. 15, Wise, Conduit Street South, plumber- Nov. 15, Kerr, Woolwich, tailor-Nov. 18, J. E. and F. New, High Street, Aldgate, stationers-Nov. 13, Arnett, St. Dunstan's Hill, customhouse-agent-Nov. 14, W. and T. Day, Gracecburch Street, oilmen-Nov. 13, Cruickshank, Austinfriars, mer- chant-Nov. 14. Rory, Mark Lane, wine-merchant-Nov. 18, Miller and Craddock, Stockton-on-Tees, sail-cloth-manufacturers-Nov. 18, Richter, Soho Square. book- seller-Nov. 13, Thompson, Portpool Lane, brewer-Nov. 13, Buddle, Paddington, timber-merchant-Nov. 14, Devey, Whitefriars, coal-merchant-Nov. 15, Cooke, Burton-upon-Trent, tape-manufacturer-Nov. 11 Nicholson, York, chemist-Nov. 15, Benud, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant-Nov. 15.8. and S. Langdale, Stockton-on- Tees, corn-dealers-Nov. 14. Hay, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, baker-Nov.12, Row, Tor- rington, chemist-Nov. 12, Thomas. Bridgewater, coal-merchant-Nov. 13, Brown, Taunton, draper-Nov. 20, J. and B. Shepherd, Exeter, wine-merchants-Nov. 20, Prideaux and CO. Kingsbridge, Devonshire, bankers-Nov. 13, Lowcock, Thorverban, Devonshire, dealer in artificial manures-Nov. 8, Potts, New Mills, Derbyshire, en- graver-Nov. 14, Hammond, Macclesfield, innkeeper-Nov. 12, Shoolbred. Mancha- ter, cotton-manufacturer-Nov. 11, Burt and Burt jun. Manchester, commission- agents. DERTIP/CATES.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-Nov. 8, Mallet, College Street, Lambeth, lighterman-Nov. 12, Bennett, Clapham Rise, soda-water-manufacturer-Nov. 12, Ribble, Bishopsgate Street Without, oilman-Nov. 12, Dornford, Suffolk Lane, Cannon Street, wine-merchant -Nov. 8, Taylor, Staines, grocer-Nov. 8, Garlick, Charterhouse Square, woollen- warehouseman -Nov. 8, Tomlin, Finchley Common, victualler-Nov. 12, Tucker, Tottenham Court Road, furrier-Nov. 11, Hyrke, Wrexham, Denbighshire, lime. burner. DECLARATIONS or DITIDENDS.-Yolland, Ashburton, lime-burner; first div. of 7.. 3d. any Tuesday after Oct. 19; Hirtsel, Exeter-Thompson jun. Exeter ; fur- ther div. of la. 11d. any Tuesday ; flirted, Exeter.

- !korai Ssourantarrows.-M'Origor, Aberdona Mains, farmer, Oct. 23, Nov. 19-- Macdougall, Port Ellen, Islay, innkeeper, Oct. 25, Nov. 15-Morrison, Perth, grain dealer, Oct 23, Nov.13-Clark, Glasgow, contractor, Oct. 25, Nov. 15-Black, Glas- gow, inspector of weights and measures, Oct. 23, Nov. 6.