19 OCTOBER 1929, Page 13

A number of recent studies indicate that the widespread use

of machinery is making it more difficult for older men to secure employment in the United States. While the life span has risen from about forty years in 1850 to fifty-six in 1920, with a probable increase since that date, the pro- portion of older men gainfully employed has fallen. Of all the workmen gainfully employed in the country it appears that only 30 per cent. are over forty-five years of age. In the iron and steel industry the proportion is 24 per cent., and among mechanics only 13.2 per cent. Only 17.9 per cent. of all male bookkeepers, cashiers and accountants are over forty-five years of age. Individual employers and their organizations, however, deny the existence of any hard-and-fast age limits.


New York, Wednesday; October 16th.