19 OCTOBER 1929, Page 13


Many changes are embodied in the revision of the Book of Common Prayer of the Protestant Episcopal Church now in the hands of the printers. The revisions, which are the fruits of fifteen years' earnest study, aim at greater textual clarity and the elimination of archaic expressions rather than at broad doctrinal changes. An example is seen in the Good Friday collect where the phrase " Have mercy upon all Jews, Turks, infidels, and heretics " is modified to read " Have mercy upon all who. know Thee not as Thou art revealed in the Gospel of Thy Son." The most con- spicuous changes are in the marriage service, the word " obey " being omitted from the bride's responses, while the bridegroom is no longer required to declare, " With all my wordly goods I thee endow." The new book has been prepared by a Special Commission which has taken evident care to avoid impairment of the literary quality of the original text. It will be used for the first time on December 1st.