19 OCTOBER 1929, Page 19


Extraordinary interest was shown in the " Defence of the Faith " series of articles published in the Spectator early this year. Further articles interpreting the religious thought of the day, under the title " In Defence of The Faith," will appear in the Spectator from November 23rd, 1929, to February 22nd, 1930, written by the following :—The Bishop of Gloucester, Canon Vernon Storr, Dr. Edwin Bevan, Rev. Dr. A. H. MacNoile, Abbot Butler, Dr. Rufus Jones, Rev. F. Brabant, Rev. Dr. Maltby, Dr. Rudolf Otto, Dr. Albert Peel, The Bishop of Southampton, and Mr. Seebohni Rowntree. To ensure regular delivery of the Spectator, readers are advised to ask their newsagents now to order the paper specially for them during the continuation of the series, or in ease of difficulty in obtaining copies, to apply to The Subscription Manager, THE SPECTATOR, LTD., 99 Gower Street, London, W.C.l.