19 OCTOBER 1929, Page 2

China If it is true that Yen Hsi-shan, the "

Model Tuchun " of Shansi, has arrested his friend, Feng Yu-hsiang, the Christian General, something rather more important than usual has happened in China. Last week there was an exceptional obscurity. Chang Fat-kwai had put himself at the head of the revolutionary armies fighting for " Reorganization " and was marching on Canton. He and Chiang Kai-shek, the Head of the Nanking Government, both boasted like prize fighters ; the one saying that he could reach Canton in a fortnight and the other that he could suppress the revolution in a month. Unfortunately for the boasts of both, Chang disappeared into the mountains of Hunan and has not since been heard of. The revolution of the Reorganizers seemed to be serious, nevertheless, because the Model Tuchun and the Christian General were both said to be marching south to help Chang. The -report that the Model had seized the Christian suggested a startling change in the situation. How different from last summer when these two friends announced that they were going to leave China, hand in hand as it were, to study philosophy and pass their time in meditation free from the evils of civil strife ! Many people think, however, that the report is only the result of a ruse between Yen and Fen.