19 OCTOBER 1929, Page 20

If you want a delightful holiday, take ship in a

Greek coaster (the smaller the better). As you weigh anchor, let go your conventional standards of time and dates. The wind bloweth where it listeth, and as it listeth it will take you casually from island to island, it may be for a week or for six weeks. It is all one to the sailors who are too wise to keep appointments which the shore staff itself treats as a mere formality. But be sure to take with you Isles of the Aegean, by V. C. Scott O'Connor (Hutchinson, 28s.). Mr. O'Connor's pen has caught the magic of these Aegean seas. He knows the old Greece and the new, Hephaistos and Santorin, the Delos of Apollo and the nunnery of Loutra. Andros, Melos, Anaphe, Paros—the very names are a caress. You will read there of the humble, yet contented lives of the islanders, to whose hospitality and kindness he pays tribute, and through Mr. O'Connor you will learn to love the most beautiful archipelago in the world. The book is intelligently illustrated, but the few colour plates are not a great success. * *