19 OCTOBER 1929, Page 50


In another column I refer to the interesting observations made by the chairman of the Anglo-South American Bank, at the recent meeting of that institution, with regard to British trade with Latin America. I must not fail, however, to mention one very interesting feature of the meeting in question which was concerned with the affairs of the Anglo- South American Bank itself. Having regard to the steady growth in the size of the bank and its subsidiaries and affiliated concerns, and the expansion in Deposits, it is not surprising that Mr. Hose should have intimated to the shareholders that it had been thought well to issue in the near future the balance of the authorized capital. The type of shares to be issued would, Mr. Hose said, be of a somewhat different character to those at present issued, and having regard to modern tendencies, it would not be surprising, therefore, if the shares were to be in fully paid form ranking with existing shares for dividend up to a certain maximum amount. Equally it may be expected that the new capital will be offered to existing shareholders and on terms which while representing a substantial premium useful for the purposes of reserves. will, at the same time, constitute a small bonus to shareholders themselves.