19 OCTOBER 1985, Page 21

Hepker speaks

I CAN help anyone who has questions to put to Michael Hepker, the most publi- cised customer of Johnson Matthey Bank- ers. It is a chance for Brian Sedgemore MP, who wants us all to know more, at whatever risk (or so he has suggested) to our kneecaps. Mr Sedgemore will have to do without Parliamentary privilege at the Investment Zimbabwe 1985 three-day con- ference next month in Zimbabwe, where the keynote address is billed to be deli- vered by Mr Michael Hepker, LL.B. LL.M., Dip. Int. Law (The Hague), of Gray's Inn, Barrister, F. Inst.D., author of four major textbooks on taxation, interna- tional investment adviser, from London. I doubt whether the bank will think the opportunity worth the air ticket. Its direc- tors wearily explain that they have more than 60 bigger debtors than Mr Hepker, and more than 80 with worse security. But that hasn't stopped Mr Sedgemore so far, and I don't suppose it will now.