19 OCTOBER 1991, Page 31

Jews your partners

Sir: I am delighted that Miss Julie Burchill has decided to champion the Jews; but wonder whether this is compatible with her professed admiration for Stalin and Marx.

One of the last things that Stalin tried to organise before he shuttled off this mortal coil was the so-called 'Doctor's Plot' of early 1953. Jewish doctors were tortured in the Lubyanka; a campaign against 'cos- mopolitans' was organised in Pravda; Jew- ish communists all over Eastern Europe had been purged the previous year, for example, Otto Katz in Czechoslovakia and Ana Pauker in Rumania.

Karl Marx was also an Anti-Semite: he took against Ramsgate because it was full of Jews and fleas; he referred to the Ger- man Socialist Lasalle as a 'Jewish Nigger'; he is responsible for this outpouring of anti-Jewish filth in 1842: 'What is the worldly cult of Judaism? Practical Need, Self-Interest. What is his occupation? Huckstering. Who is his worldly god? Mammon'.

If Miss Burchill is a Marxist, let us hope she is of the Groucho faction.

T. B. L. Carter

16 New Cross, Somerton, Somerset