19 OCTOBER 1991, Page 31

Resigning matter

Sir: The whole point of The Spectator is to provide a platform for its contributors to put forward an original line of argument. Provided that each piece is reasonably well written, it hardly matters whether or not

one agrees with the conclusions. So I was amazed to see that your proprietor, Mr Conrad Black (Letters, 12 October), com- plains about some recent articles on George Bush, the Reichmann Brothers, Lord Carrington etc. I bought the issue of 5 October largely because the cover promised an original perspective on George Bush's achievements and qualities, and I enjoyed reading the article. So let's not take things too seriously. No one has 'the right to be treated fairly' if this means that one cannot have a go at wealthy and successful businessmen. For what it's worth, I thought the article on the Reich- mann brothers was absolutely spot on whereas Peter Carrington is fundamentally a decent chap and the world the better for it. But the important thing is for your con- tributors to continue to say what they think.

J.A. Martin-Shaw

46 The Chase, London SW4