19 OCTOBER 1991, Page 53

Solution to 1028: Courtship


NSA 0 C H. E

MOD el

E NE.Ear alln flh1s UN D MirMilen


C amnia s 0riHUAA A AIM!! T T]flC oflflfl 11.11101311111 mnnrI* uflj REM a Pi d 12 11 The unclued lights were Australian tennis players, including 42 when partnenng 10; these, and the pair- ings 1A/15,43/17,28/26,8/13,36/31, are past winners of the Wimbledon doubles title.

Winners: J. F. Grimshaw, London SW6 (£20); R. Horner, Chorley, Lancs; D. C. Mootham, London W11.