19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 1

* • The most important advance has been made by

the French who have pushed back the Riffs north of Fez and have brilliantly captured the heights of Bibane. The Spanish, on their side, are threatening Abd-el-Krim's capital, Ajdir, from which they are distant only a few miles. The Riffs, besides resisting the French and Spanish advances, have developed an offensive of their own against the positions to which the Marquis de Estella withdrew last autumn. It is said that this offensive has not been dangerous. Apart from all this we must mention the strange enterprise of the Spanish landing in Alhucemas Bay. The attack on the Riff coast at that point had been announced by the Spanish so long in advance that one could scarcely believe that it was really intended. Why give away your plans freely to the enemy ? But perhaps, after all, the Spanish way was a new and subtle kind of bluff intended to make the Riffs utterly disbelieve in what was so openly talked about.