19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 1

* . The Tangier correspondent of the Times said in

Wednesday's paper that the Spanish authorities are anxious about the situation of the Spanish force which has disembarked. He adds that the disembarkation, which was successful in itself, was only part of a much larger programme which for reasons not yet explained was curtailed. The promontory of Morro Nuevo where the landing was made is a rocky place with practically no water supply and is exposed to the prevalent East wind which makes the delivery of supplies extremely difficult. The beach, moreover, is very small. The Riff guns fire all night into the Spanish camp. In the day time when they might be spotted they are silent. The same correspondent lately made us feel how tragic a thing it is that the opportunities of peace should not have been properly tested before this very serious phase of the war began. Both sides were actually ready to discuss peace. But the French and Spanish, standing on a punctilio, would not communicate directly with Abd-el- Krim, and Abd-el-Krim, standing on his own punctilio, would not communicate directly with them.