19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 1


HISTORY has nothing to tell us of any war coin- .-1:A. parable with that which. is now going on in Morocco. Large modern armies, equipped with all the latest and most scientific apparatus of war, are engaged in delivering a tremendous onslaught on native tribes. It is true that since the Great War tanks and aeroplanes have been used. in small encounters with backward peoples and in punitive expeditions, but there has been nothing to match such an undertaking as is now in hand. The French and the Spanish have 'the money and the armies ; the tribesmen under Abd-el-Krim . have, the unique position of their mountainous and roadless territory which they can use at once to hide themselves and to decoy their enemies.. If the war is exciting from its very conditions it is still' More so because it is a kind of race. Ina few weeks the weather will break and the country will become impass- able, at all events for European armies. The question, therefore, is whether Marshal Petain will be able to deliver a hard enough blow to make Abd-el-Krim amen- able before it is too late.