19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 2

The Egyptian Government has certainly been weakened by the loss

of the support of the Constitutional Liberal Party and the consequent resignation of Ministers„ including Sidky Pasha, a man of great ability and goodl sense. Zaghlul Pasha and his followers may not gain' their support, but in any case they will now be stronger in opposition to Ziwar Pasha, whose adherents in the Ittehadist party are already no unmixed blessing to him, for these " Unionists " and close supporters of the( Court seem to have standards little higher than those of Zaghlurs Wafd. The trouble has been partly brought about by the condemnation in the Courts of the Ulemas of Sheikh Abdel Rezak for his Liberal opinions. We have no desire to see secularization proceed in Egypt at the pace set in Turkey, but we should regret the power any opponents of intelligent religious progress to weaken the present Government. The stagnation of Moham- medan teaching through the centuries is one of the curses upon Europe, Asia and Africa. Sir George Lloyd and Ziwar Pasha have a difficult time before them, but we believe that we can count upon their effective co-opera- tion for Egypt's welfare.