19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 28


Between Earth and Sky. By Konrad Bercovici. (Jona- than Cape. 7s. 6d.)—The scene of many of these striking stories is laid in middle Europe, and the dramatis personae comprise Rumanians, shepherds, Greeks, Tartars, their horses and dogs, the animals being as important as the human beings. The story of Cubak, the shepherd dog who goes wrong, is one of the most remarkable in the book. Some of the studies—notably the first sketch, which concerns a music hall dancer in Havana—deal with other distant parts of the globe, but these are not so original. The invitation to the road has never been more attractively given than in this collection of tales, and the average En!lish reader will learn with some astonishment how vast are the wild spaces and how strangely primitive is life in what we know ,as the Balkan States.