19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 28

The Sloane Square Mystery. By Herbert Adams. (Methuen. 3s. 6d.

net.)—It is very seldom in murder stories that the corpse is cast for the part of the villain ; but this ingenious device is resorted to by Mr. Herbert Adams in The Sloane Square Mystery. A victim of a false accusation of murder is duly provided in the person of the hero, and if the clues followed by his friends in the hope of proving his inno- cence are a little spun out, some latitude must be allowed to an author who has to produce a certain number of words to fill his volume. The book will make a sufficiently strong im- pression on most readers •for them to think of -it when they are waiting for 'bus No. " 19 " or " 22 " to pick them up from the refuge where stands the Chelsea War Memorial.