19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 3

* * Since the Canadian Dominion Parliament was dissolved, Mr.

Mackenzie King, the Liberal Prime Minister, and Mr. Meighen, the Conservative leader of the Opposition, have set before the country the principal issues of the 'General Election which is to take place next month. Of these the foremost will be whether Canada will make a vigorous counter-stroke to the Fordney Tariff by a .Protectionist measure raising the duties against imports from the United States. The Canadian National Railways, still burdened by the effects of taking over the Grand Trunk system, will be strenuously used as a stick with which to beat the Government. The " Maritime " Pro- vinces are discontented and likely to go against the Government. There has been a great turn-over of feeling in them against the Conservative Party. The saddest fact they face is that they are losing population by emigration into the United States, and the loss is not being _made up by immigration from Great Britain.