19 SEPTEMBER 1925, Page 3

We greatly regret the death of Sir John Jordan by

whose experience and wisdom we hoped that the world would benefit in the present changes and difficulties in China. We must console ourselves with the thought that at any rate he was able to work hard up to the moment of his death at a meeting of the China Associa- tion, where his authority was duly recognized. He has also been present in Geneva at the last meetings of the Opium Committee of the League of Nations, and probably overtaxed himself by travelling and working there. His life work was in China where finally he represented us as H.M.'s Minister in Peking until 1920. As a Consul he had worked in several of the chief ports ; as Chinese Secretary at the Legation he exercised a great influence under more than one Minister. After the war between China and Japan he represented us at Seoul when Korea was a centre of trouble between China, Japan and Russia. After his retirement he was Lord Balfour's most valued adviser at the Washington Conference. It is hard to say to whom he is the greater loss, to his country which he represented, or to his friends the Chinese in their troubles.