1 APRIL 1848, Page 1

Germany is heaving in ei „art wits politic-1 Princes and

people are equally stirred. The Dune of Br:nisei-irk has given his adhesion to the lead assumed by the King of Prus- sia. The old King of Bavaria has shuffled off his troubles by resigning. his crown, which descends to his son Maximilian. The young king opened his reign with a declaration savouring rather of "divine right" and obsolete feudality ; but he has thought better of it, and has amended his tone. Meanwhile, all the people of Germany are armed. Hitherto the utmost order has been maintained; but such scenes as a large gathering of armed citizens at Heidelberg—a true monster meeting of many thou- sands to hear speeches—are hazardous, and are likely to multiply with any extension of the time before the settlement of Germany. At the Heidelberg meeting no great favour was shown to King Frederick William's pretension as a leader : but, however respect. able, that meeting is not to be confounded with the deliberative councils of statesmen or professors. The German province of Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, has declared itself independent. A dispute between the province and the King, on the subject of the succession, has long existed ; an intricate question of law, which has engaged the most learned civilians without a satisfactory conclusion. To us it appears that the King was guilty of an encroachment when he attempted to annex the province definitively to the Danish crown, instead of abiding by the rules of succession appointed for the joint dutchy. The endeavour to bind the province closer provoked it to fall back upon its German alliances; and now it takes advantage of the times to seek a place in the newly-arising German nation. King Frederick William, anticipating events more than he could form- ally justify, has promised his protection to the " Germans " of Schleswig-Holstein. Poland makes a beginning in regaining her nationality. The King of Prussia has atithorized a commission to consult.on the reorganization of Posen as a Polish dutchy ; and Prince Adam Czartoryski has travelled from Paris to assist at the resurrection of his country ; Prussian officers, civil and military, paying him ceremonious compliments on his way.