1 APRIL 1848, Page 1


THE Austrians are expelled from Milan, and probably by this time from Lombardy and Venice. Certainly, unless some great reaction take place, their power in Italy is at an end. The Loin- bards, a heavy and unexcitable race for Italians, have at last moved; and when it came to the point they fought with devoted gallantry. We have. before derieribed the feeling, which had grown to be universal in Italy, ag lust the presence of the Aus- trians,—a sentiment which posses 1 all, from the porter of Ge- noa to the King, from the hotheat Carbonaro to the Archbish- op at Milan, and the discreet M uis d'Azeglio : that feeling has been strikingly illustrated in th -ecent events ; the Genoese could not be kept back—even una led they moat go to help in the expulsion of the Austrians; an at last Charles Albert him- self was obliged to lead the succours. and declare utter war against the Austrian rule in Italy. It is surmised that Austria will eulknit to the loss of her Italian provinces too busy in the East affd North to defend her treaty- rights ir. the South 'Int a fuerbs,*.eMent of difficulty is intro- duced into the questioriaby th spiral' of revolution into the Tyrol.