1 APRIL 1848, Page 1

The Provisional Government of Paris has registered the edict of

its mob ; and the election of the National Assembly is post- poned for-a fortnight. A wider margin is also given for the elec- tion of officers io the National Guard.

M. Louis Blanc has matured his plan fair instituting a system of national industry. It is imitated froni Fourier, and professes to fit the new system to the existing system with peculiar conve- nience : to us it appears far leds`suited to that purpose than Fon- rier's principle. M. Blanc proposes that workshops and factoriest should be purchased or established by the State, and carried on under State management : the surplus, after the payment of "wages," is to be divided into four parts—one to redeem the capital, one to be redivided as a " bonus" among the labourers, one for a fund to support the sick and aged, an the fourth to constitute a reserve-fund, in order, we presume, to an extension of the scheme. Nothing appears to have been said as to the in- terest of capital, the, expenses_ of working, or the expenses of management; but possibly those details may be included in the redemption-fund or the reserve-fund. It is not clear how these establishments will be able to work in rivalry with private esta- blishments; and it is to be feared that commercial success will not attend them, unless customers be driven to them at the point of the bayonet.

Indeed, customers seem likely to fail for want of cash. The commercial troubles thicken ; and the-most singular expedients are resorted to by way of economizing specie ; such as this bold stroke of M. Emanuel Arago at Lyons, in forbidding fifty one to leave or pass through the town with more' than five hundred franca in his pocket. M. Arago is the authorized Robin Hood of France. .

Besides food, work, and. wages, the Provisional Government undertakes also to provide amusement for the people : the Minis- tea of the Interior has decreed theatricals to which the work-

people are to be admitted free, by tickets i w or which they are to cast lots !