1 APRIL 1848, Page 10

It is stated from Genoa, that Charles Albert entered Pavia

on the 20th of March, with fourteen battalions and forty pieces of artillery.

The Provisional Government of Milan has published an important docu- ment, dated the 25th, stating that no political engagement of any nature has been taken with respect to the King of Sardinia; and that the latter has expressed himself as follows to the Milanese delegates- " I shall not enter Milan till I have vanquished the Austrians in battle; for I will not present myself to so brave a people till I have obtained a victory that may prove me equally brave."

It is also said that Venice has declared herself once more a Republic.

The troops of the Grand Duke of Tuscany are in possession of the whole of the Duke of Modena's states; as a precaution, says Leopold in a public manifesto, against dangers to Tuscany from that quarter.

The Daily News stated yesterday, that on the 22d of March the King of Naples "abandoned his Sicilian sovereignty "; protesting that he is forced, and appealing to the powers of Europe. There is no confirmation of this report.