1 APRIL 1848, Page 10



The English Funds are today about 2 per cent below the closing prices of last week; the last quotation this afternoon being 81i it. In the course of the week the price has more than once fallen below 81; but on those occasions the market speedily rallied, and the result of the week's business has been what we have al- ready stated. The character of the transactions has been unchanged; the pur- chases having been nearly all for money, and the sales speculative. As, however, the jobbers have on several occasions been ready to borrow Stock till the April Account, the demand has been well supplied; and Stock is today rather cheaper for Money than Account. It is anticipated that upon the settling-day, 13th April, Stock will be very scarce; and on many occasions Consols have been offered on the same terms for the 10th of May as for April. The Committee of the Stock Exchange, in accordance with the recommendation of a large body of the members, have determined to limit the days fixed for the settlement of the Con- sul Accounts to periods of one month, instead of allowing, as heretofore, six weeks to elapse between the occurrence of each settling-day. The settling-day for April is fixed for the 13th; for May, the 10th; and for June, the 9th.

During the week the market has been in a very agitated state, and rumours of all descriptions of political movements have been rife. Considerable alarm, and a fall of nearly 1 per cent in Consols, was occasioned yesterday by the pub- lication in an evening Journal of intelligence that Warsaw had been bombarded and reduced to ashes, and that a large force was to leave Berlin on the 27th by railway to assist the Poles. Today, however, we have arrivals from Berlin to the 28th, and no notice whatever is taken of those events. There is a regular manu- factory of news at present; in which the agents of the French Government seem to be very active. Many of the false reports have been circulated by the Director of the telegraph in Paris, a Government officer. It is fair to say, however, that the misstatement of yesterday was received vii Belgium, and that the French telegraph was not in any way responsible for the error. The exchange upon Paris is not quite so much against that capital as it has been: on Tuesday last it ranged from 26.25 to 26.75, and today from 26.40 to 26.70. A demand for bills has arisen, in consequence of the large purchases of goods made for this market; the low prices of all manufactured goods in Paris tempting purchase" The French Funds, however, continue to fall; the Five per Cents being yesterday in Paris 60.50, and the Three per Cents 40.50. All transactions in the French Says seem for the present to be at an end in London; as we have not heard of e bargain for this last two or three weeks. In the Foreign Market, every description of European Foreign Stock continues decline. Russian Bonds were yesterday done as low as 73; but today they are mar" ked 75, being a fall of about 30 per cent since the end of February. Dutch Two-and-a-Half per Cents have fallen to 35, being a decline of between 5 and 6 per cent since last week; the Fear per Cents were yesterday at 57, marking a de- cline to the same extent. Indeed, it may be enough to remark that every class of European security, Consols excepted, is nearly unsaleable at anything like cur- rent prices; for though it is quite easy to purchase, any extensive sale within reasonable limits must in the present state of the market be considered impos- sible. The South American Stocks have not declined to any extent: indeed, there seems to be a slight disposition to purchase those which pay dividends, and the prices of them are thus supported. The intelligence of the ratification of the treaty of peace between Mexico and the United States has given an impulse to Mexican Stock; which has today reached 151, being an advance of from 1 to 1 per cent upon previous prices. The Railway Shares continue to decline, and are all lower than on Saturday; the fall upon the higher class being from 31. to 51., and upon those of lesser no- minal value from 11. to 31. Great Western and Midland are today, and have been for the last day or two, quoted at a discount. The former being 84 per share, upon which 901. is paid; and the latter 951 and 961 per share, upon which 1001- is paid. The French shares are again lower; the impulse

y now be classed as securities.

exhibit when compared with those of the preceding week the following results—. MANNINO DEPARTMENT. . Increase. Decrease.

Rest Public Deposits £4,334 495,161

Other Deposits


Seven-day and other Bills 34,612

Government Securities, including Dead-weight.. 115,861

Other Securities

38,901 Notes unissued

23,025 Actual Circulation 164,985


Notes issued 141,960

Bullion 193,653

This week. Last week.

Total Bullion in both Departments

15,123,141 Actual Circulation 17,603,175 17,438.090


Consols opened at 811, reached 811, and without the occurrence of any trans- actions of importance have since fallen to 811. In the Foreign Market, the dis- position to sell the better class of Stock seems to have abated, and hte nominal quotations of this description of security are rather higher than yesterday. Dutch Four per Cents are dealt in ex dividend, our quotation of 54 to 56 being equivalent to one yesterday of 56 to 58. Spanish Stock is lower, both varieties being about 1 per cent worse. Mexican continues unchanged. The transactions in Railway Shares have been confined to the following: Blackwell, 41; Brighton, 29; North-western, 126; Ditto, New, 4}; Midland, 97; Ditto, 50L, 9; North Staffordshire, 8; York and Newcastle, 291; Ditto, Original Newcastle and Ber- wick, 27; Ditto, East and West Riding Fvfonsion, 28.

3 per Cent Consols

811 j 1 Danish 3 per Cents

Ditto for Account'. 811 1 1 Dutch 21 per Cents 36 8 3 per Cent Reduced shut Ditto 4 per Cents. 54 6 exd.

3/ per Cents shut

Mexican 5 per.cents 1846...

151 Long Annuities shift New Grenada 13 14 Bank Stock for Account shut Portuguese N. 4 per Cents 1842 14 15 Exchequer Bills 30 35 prem. Portuguese Old 1824 62 7 India Stock shut Hasidim 5 per Cents 70 80 Brazilian 5 per Cents 62 6 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 101 111 Belgian 41 per. Cents 50 60 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 19 20 Buenos Ayres

Venezuela 20 3 Chill= 6 per Cents —

'yen to them last week not having been sustained: indeed, these Shares can The accounts of the Bank of England, for the week ending the 25th March,