1 APRIL 1848, Page 11


ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 27th March, Keying, Kellett. from China ; and Cheapside, Lewis, from Ceylon. In the Downs, 29th, Faithful, Morrison, from China ; James White, Turner, from Bombay; and Palmerston, A Mack, from Mauritius ; and 30th, Onyx, Brown, from Singe.)ore. At Liverpool, 24th, Geelong, Wise, from Calcutta ; 26th, Ellen, Salter ; and Hannibal, Con:liner, from Calcutta ; and Mary, Kemp, from Bombay ; 27th, Scotia., -- from Calcutta ; 29th, Sir H. Hardinge, M•Donald, from Bombay ; and 30111, lliaJesde, Elgie ; and Dowthorp,from Ditto: and Henry Curwen, Vickers, from Mauritius, At Cork, 25th, Princess Royal, Sewell, from Ditto ; 26th, Mary White, Tucker, from Matilmain ; and Eivire. Lawson, from Mauritius. At Ceylon, 10th Jan. Eliza, Warwick, from Newport ; and 3d February, Zarah, Coruforth, from London. At Cakutta, 2d, Penang, Roddock, from Liverpool. Ac Maulmaln, 2411; January, Gleuswilly, —, from the Clyde. At Hong-kong, previous to the 29th, Duke of Cornwall, Whitehead ; Anna Robertson, Munro ; and Pathfinder, Miller, from London; and Christabel, Harding ; and Cordelia, Hughes, from Liverpool. At Syd- ney, previous to 2d Dec. Johnstone, Harrison ; William Wilson, Shaw ; Raymond, Hart ; and St. George, Jones, from London. At Port Phillip, previous to 20th Nov. Marmion, Dale ; Thomas Hughes, Huddart ; Vixen, Lowe ; Vanguard, Garwood ; sad Maitland, Gray, from London.

Soumn—From Gravesend, 24th March, Royal Saxon, Charlesworth ; and Countess of Yarborough, Bennett, for Sydney ; 26th, Prince of Wales, Wilson, for Hobart Town ; and Sibella, Coleman, for Adelaide ; and 27th, William Shand, Cleland, for Singapore ; and Captain, James, for Bombay.