1 APRIL 1848, Page 19


Tuesday, March 28.


Harland and Townsend, Borough Market, potato-salesmen-Bridgewater and Dob- son, Ripon, Yorkshire, sawmill-owners-Morley and Co. Nottingham, hatters-Wale and Padmore, Leicester, llnendrapers -Golder and Lucas, Folkestone, builders-Earp and Barlow, Tunstall, Staffordshire, plumbers-Filbey and Son, Norwich, wine and spirit merchants-Jelley and Son, East Hill, Wandsworth, ironmongers-Slack and Son, South Audley Street, Grosvenor Square, hatters-J. and J. Dyer, Birmingham, brass- founders-Barron and Eddowes. Shrewsbury, mercers-Whelpdale and Co. Tottenham Court Road, drapers ; as far as regards A. Armour-Spelt and Riley, Ball's Pond Road, Islington, furniture-brokers-Price and Davis, Cardiff, builders-W. and J. Ford, Not- tingham, provision-dealers- Cropton and Crosier, Sunderland. mercers-Townsendand Green, Halifax, grocers-Poole and Son, Wellington Place, Walworth Common, cur- riers-Hulbert and Co. Mincing Lane, brokers ; as far as regards H. Hulbert-BenUey and Sutcliffe, Halifax, stone-masons-Smith and Witham, Bedford Row, solicitors- Richards and Son, Raven Row, bottle-merchants-Cockerell and Co. London, East In- dia merchants-Chesterman and Bottom, manufacturers of patent spring-tape mea- Sures-Ward and Co. Liverpool, ship chandlers-Fisher and Earl, Walworth, dress- makers-Cox and Longdon, Derby, dealers In Berlin wool-Webb and Perry, Wyrley, Staffordshire, miners-Forrest and Finch, Tipton, Staffordshire, manufacturers of wrought iron-Lunn and Taylor, Aldersgate Street, chemists-Devon Fuel and Light- ing Company, South Brent, Devonshire-Milligan and Turner, Carey Street, plumbers -Appleton and Sparks, St. Helen's, Lancashire, carpenters-Evans and Findlay, Liver- pool, shipwrights ; as far as regards J. Findlay-Amory and Co. Throgmorton Street, solicitors-T. and W. Maddock, Liverpool, coopers-A. and J. Anderson, and J. Ander- son, Glasgow, chemists.


LUMLET, Moues, Gibson Square, Islington, commission-agent. PAlsoNS, litcHARD, Plymouth, builder.

BANKRUPT& RECKSIArrEE, HENRY, Liverpool, wine-merchant, to surrender April 12, May 2: soli- citors, Messrs. Gregory and Co. Bedford Row ; Mr. Frodsham, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool. Cormaea, HENRY, Liverpool, stock-broker, April 10, May 9: solicitors, Messrs. Hall and Co. Gray's Inn ; Mr. Cross, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool. C0031BEIL JOHN Fayis, Bristol, milliner, April 11, May 9; solicitors, Messrs. Ste- vens and Co. Gray's Inn Square ; Mr. Perkins, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman Bristol.

Dusan, ABRAHAK, Holderness, attorney, April 12, May 3 : solicitors. Messrs. Cover dale and Co. Bedford Row; Messrs. England and Son, Hull; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds.

HUM, Cardasts, Easthoathly, Sussex, grocer, April 7, May 9 : solicitors, Messrs.

Palmer and Co. Bedford Row; Mr. Auckland, Lewes ; official assignee, Mr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard.

Fines, Srernsx, and Bsowte,Wmtum CLIFF, Newark-upon-Trent, builders, April 7, May 5 : solicitor, Mr. Bewley, Nottingham ; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Not- tingham.

GALPIN, Jamas, Broadwinsor, innkeeper, April 7, May 3: solicitors, Messrs. Brace and Colt, Surrey Street ; Messrs. Nicholetts and !'rout, Bridport ; Mr. Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Mr. Hernaman, Exeter.

GIXEN, ELIZABETH, Almondbury, brewer, April 7, May 5: solicitors, Messrs. Tyson and Co. Old Jewry ; Mr. Barker, Huddersfield ; official assignee. Mr. Young, Leeds.

HAKIM DAVID. Newport, Monmouthshire, grocer, April 10. May 9: solicitors, Messrs. Irwin anti Tayler, Gray's Inn ; Mr. Hassell, Bristol; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol. HAWKINS, GEORGE, Bristol, victualler, April 11, May 8: solicitors, Messrs. White and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. Stanley and Co. Bristol; official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol.

HCOMON, Joszrar, and Mowsaav, THOMAS, Leicester, builders, April 7, May 5 : solici- tors, 31r. Fox, Ashbom ; Messrs. Haywood and Webb, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Nottingham.

annum junior, WILLIAM, Chatham, grocer, April 8, May 13: solicitor, Mr. Hudson, Backlersbury ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

JOINER, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Aveley, Essex, machine-maker, April 7, May 13 :

Messrs. Coles, Adelphi Terrace; official assignee. Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court. Kum, MARE, Nottingham, builder, April 14, Slay 12: solicitor, Mr. Wadsworth, Not- tingham; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Nottingham.

Lzscu, Luee, Worcester, tobacconist, April 8, May 9: solicitors, Mr. Letts, Bart- lett's Buildings ; Messrs. Motteram and Co. Birmingham ; Mr. Finch, Worcester; assignee, Sir. Yelps-, Birmingham. MAUNDER, WILLIAM, Peel Place, Kensington Gravel Pits, baker, April 4, May 9: SO- Reltora, Messrs. Hilleary, Fenchurch Street ; official assignee, Mr. Stansfeld, King% Arms Yard.

NORMAN, WILLIAM Ratter, Adam's Place, King's Road, Chelsea, baker, April 3, May 9: solicitor, Mr. Goren, South Molten Street ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Guild- hall Chambers.

NICKBON, RICHARD, Buabon, Denbighshire, publican, April 6, May 1: solicitors, Mr. Raimondi, Surrey St. ; Mr.Jones, Wrexham ; official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool.

ROBINSON, HENRY Cluss.r.s, Brecknock Crescent, Camden Town, surgeon, April 5, May 11 : solicitors, Messrs. Whiteway and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street.

ROONEY, Timbres, Liverpool, tailor, April 12, May 2: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn ; Mr. Yates junior, Liverpool; official assignee, 3Ir. Bird, Liverpool.

Scurry, WILLIAM imuNGToN, North Walsham, Norfolk, plumber, Aprll 5, May 4: solicitor, Mr. Jay, Bucklersbury ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street. THOMPSON, Rouser, Basingstoke, stone-mason, April 6, May 12 : solicitors, Mesere• Johnson and Co. Temple ; Messrs. Lamb and Brooks, Basingstoke ; official amine% Mr. Cannon, Birchin Lane.

TURNER, HUMFILBEY, Bristol, draper, April l I, May 9: solicitors, Messrs. White and Co. London ; Messrs. Short and Strickland, Bristol; official assignee, Air. Hutton, Bristol. UllsDELL, JOHN TALBOT, Exbury, Hampshire, brick-maker, April 6, May It : solici- tors, Messrs. Tilson and Co. Coleman Street ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman St.

WILLtsms, GEORGE, Surbiton, Surrey, draper, April 7, May 9 solicitors, Messrs. Lawrence and Flews, Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

WRIGHT, WILLIAM CLARK, Notting Hill, ship owner, April 10, May 15: solicitors, Messrs. Phillips and Voss, Size Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Guildhall

WINTERTON, THOMAS, Tottenham Court Road, healer, April 5, May II : solicitor, Mr. Lloyd, Milk street ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, BasInghall Street.


April 18. Taylor, Cowley, Oxfordshire, baker-April 18, Brecknell, Oxford Street, draper-April 20, Green, Leadenball Street, merchant-April 20, Bennett, South- amptou, wine-merchant-April 20, Bode and Luckyer, St. James's Walk, Clerkenwell, metal-tool-merchants-April 18, Martin, Oxford, tailor-April 18, Lee, Shrewbury, Ironmonger-April 20, Smith, Bristol, currier-April 28, Hughes, Liverpool, grocer- April 28, Cannel, Liverpool, bookseller-April 20, Edmond and Co. Liverpool, mer- chants-April 27, 3lawson, Runcorn, druggist-April 19, Sager. Bull, corn-merchant -April 20, Antill, .Newcastle•upon-Tyne, wine-merchant-April 19, Reveley junior, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, plumber.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. April 18, Dutholt, Moorgate Street, upholsterer-April 18, Schlesinger, Birmingham, metal-manufacturer-April 20, Mackenzie, Newgate Street, friuge-manufacturer- April 19, Wsiters,Union Street, Southwark, bottle-merchant -April 19, Clarke, Dune- table, brewer-April 29, Sheppard, Shirley, Southampton, brewer-April 20, Arthur, Wilson Street, Finsbury, leather-seller-April 27, Hill, Montague Close, Southwark, wharfinger-April 20, Hole, St. James's Walk, Clerkenwell, metal-tool-merchant- April 20, Philps, Dorking-April 25, Goodwin, Cheltenham, currier-April 19, Yeats, Bank Chambers, Lothbury, share-broker-April 19, Rutland, Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire, coachmaker-April 20, Antlll, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, wine-merchant-April 19, Town- ley. Manchester, commission-agent-April 25, Rubery, Darlastou, Staffordshire, lock- manufacturer-April 22, Lowe junior and Lowe senior, Whitchurch, Shropshire, bone- dealers-April 25, Lockett and Co. Stone, Staffordshire, railway-contractors. To be confirmed antes, cause be shown to the contrary on or wore April 18. Perth t, Huddersfield, banker-Rolfe, Leyton, corn-dealer-Richards. Merthyr Tydvll, woollen-draper-Smith, Swineshead, Lincolnshire, cattle-salesman-Edwards, Drayton, Shropshire, innkeeper-Lee, Shrewsbury, Ironmonger-Smith, Manchester, grocer- Cox, Blshopwearmouth, grocer-Glblett, New Bond Street, butcher-Cullen, Notting- ham, grocer- Milton, Hounslow, clothier-Boyls, Upper Lisson Street, victualler- Stacey, Bristol, victualler -Wildbore, Newcastle Street, Strand, manufacturer of orna- mental paper-Falkner, Old Broad Street, merchant-Carpenter, Drummond Street, Euston Square, baker-Norris, Manchester, woollen-merchant-Thomas, Southampton, painter.


Flatman, Saxmundham, Suffolk, draper ; first div. of 2s. 8d. April 3, and following Monday ; Mr. Cannan, Itirchin Lane-Bass junior, Ipswich ; first div. of Is. April 3, and following Monday ; Mr. Cannan, BIrchin Lane-Totterdell and Gruchy, Porting, woollen-drapers ; first div. of bs. 8d. ; first div. of 8s. 2dcl. on the separate estate of E. M. Totterdell ; any. Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Baainghall Street-Craske, Lowestoffe. Suffolk, linendraper ; first dlv. of 15s. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Bartlett, Milbrook, Hampshire, fly-proprietor; first die. of I,. 7d. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall S.reet-Oliver and Co. Tipton, Iron- masters; third div. of led. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basiughall Street- Adamson, Bond Court, Walbrook, merchant ; div. of 6s. 8d. March 29, and any sub- sequent Wednesday ; Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court-Howarth, Rochdale, chemist; first div. of 4s. Gd. April 18, and any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fraser, Manchester- Slater, Burnley, Lancashire, pawnbroker ; first die. of 15s. I Id. on new proofs, April II, and any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fraser, Manchester-Harper, Dudley, mercer ; first div. of 6s. April 18, mid any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fraser, Manchester- Tydeman, Chelmsford, timber-merchant; div. of 7s. March 30, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Mr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard-Hodges, Circus Street, New Road, St. Marylebone, wine-merchant ; div. of 2s. Oid. March 30, and three subsequent Thurs- days; Dlr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard-Curtis, Norwich, grocer; div. of 2s. 4id. March 30, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Mr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard- Nicholl, Fenchurch Street, grocer ; div. of bd. March 30, and three subsequent Thum days ; Mr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard-Bentley, Bury, Iron-founder; final My. of 20s. and on the Joint estate of Hartley and Bentley a final div. of Ss. 7d. and 27-324 parts of a penny, any Tuesday ; Mr. Hobson, Manchester-Williams, Liens, rat, Denbigh- shire, Unman ; first div. of Is. 3jd. March 30, and any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool-Tunstall and Cash, Bristol, oil-merchants ; second die. of Is. fici. March 29, and any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Acraman, Bristol-Husenbeth, Bristol, wine-merchant ; first div. of 3s. March 29, and any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Acraman, Bristol.


Matheson, Leith, merchant, April 3, 26-Henderson and Co. Eirkaldy, corte4110. chants, March 31, April 21-Wallace, Kilwlnning, Ayrshire, merchant, April 1, 24 - Richazdson, Edinburgh, writer to the signet, April 4, 24-Harvey, Glasgow, tailor, April 3, 24.

Friday, March 31.


Bridson and Bromley, Bolton-le-Moors, bleachers-WunnerlIch and Patzschke, Crutchedfriars, merchants-Vermler and Champion, Fenchurch Street-Hull and Ravenscroft, Ramsey, Huntingdonshiredinen-drapers ; as far as regards G. Ravenscroft -Barrass and Co. Heddon Fire Brick Works, Heddon-on-the-Wail, Northumberland- shire • as far as regards W. Anderson Junior-Heseitine and Co. Stratford. engineers- Renshaw and Kirkman, Budge Bow, stationers-Stagg and Co. Nether-Avon Farm Wiltshire, farmers-Messrs. Smith and Son, Langley in Sutton, Cheshire, small-

ware mannfacturers—E. and J Edwards, Shrewsbury, booksellers —Jackson and Son, Bermondsey Street, merchants—Tanner and Bateman, Manchester, tea-dealers—Pape and Co. Leeds, stone-masons—Skinner and Payne, Minories, clothiers—Willis and Wright, Old Street Road, vinegar-makers—Delafield and Beale, Joint proprietors of the Theatre Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden—Heaton and Sons, Halliwell, Lan- cashire, cotton-spinners ; as regards It Heaton—PerfItt and Son, Stratton St. Mary, Norfolk, stone-masons—Browne and Catheralt Manchester, brewers—Bowias and Co. Reddish, cotton-spinners—J. and J. Jowitt, Huddersfield, plasterers—Proprietors of the Hanover Square Brewery, Newcaslle-upon.Tyne—Stansfeld and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-merchants—Stother and Richards, Manchester, Joiners—W. and B. Palmer, Birmingham, pork-butchers—Simes and Co. Coleman Street. wool-brokers ; as far as regards J. T. Simeg—Ilandford and Co. Radford, lace-manufacturers ; as far as regards H. Thorpe—Stanley and Co. Mexico, merchants—Bridgeman and Bendel', Torquay, maltsters—Sexton and Warren, High Street, Newington, grocers—Barlow and Co. Chancery Lane ; as far as regards P. La Capellan—Royal Bank of Australia ; di far as regards M. Reid—Blues and Wilson, Glasgow, commission-agents.


Noatzr, Wrists'', Paradise Street, Finsbury, cattle-dealer. PRENTICE, SAMUEL, Boxford, Suffolk, victualler.


ALntasErt, Jonw, Tunatalt druggist, to surrender April 15, May 13: solicitor, Mr. Williams, Hanley ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham.

BATES, Joan, Kettering, watchmaker, April 13, May 12 : solicitor, Mr. Feamhead, Clifford's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street BEACH, WILLIAM. Salisbury, cutler, April 13, May 12: solicitor, Mr. Jones, Quality Court ; official assignee, Mr. Cannon, Birchin Lane. BRADSHAW, DANIEL, Almondbury, merchant, April 11, May II : solicitors, Messrs. Sudlow and Co. Bedford Bow ; Mr. Floyd, Huddersfield; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds.

CAWOOD, MARTIN, Leeds, ironfounder, April 20, May 5: solicitors, Messrs. Haivkins and Co. New Boswell Court ; Messrs. Atkikson and Co. or Mr. Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds.

Costs, CHARLEs EDWARD, High Street, Poplar, draper, April 12, May 13: solicitors, Messrs. Sole and Turner, Aldermanbury ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

COWARD, Joint Kenton, Harrow, schoolmaster, April 8, May 18: solicitor, Mr. Hughes, Chapel Street. Bedford Row; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court.

CURRY, SAMUEL, Taunton, brickmaker, April 12, May 3: solicitors, Messrs. Brace and Colt, Surrey Street, Strand ; Mr. Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Ilernaman, Exeter.

DuoLas, Groaos, Brunswick Place, Old Kent Road, linen-draper, April II, May 12 solicitor, Mr. Cooper, Hatton Garden; official assignee, Mr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard.

EDMUNDS, WILLIAM, Tottenham, tailor, April 11, May 12: solicitor, Mr. Wilson, Fursivars Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abehurch Lane.

ELPHICK, FREDERICK, Castle Street East, Oxford Market, glass-cutter, April 13, May 16 : solicitors, Messrs. Dyer and Quick, Ely Place ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

(Buy, Dam, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, coachbullder, April 11, May 16: solicitor, Mr. Gooday, South Square, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

GREEN, JAMES, Barbican, hat-manufacturer, April 7, May it : solicitor, Mr. Depree, Lawrence Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers.

GREEN, JAMES DAWSON Leeds, plaid-manufacturer, April 17, May 8 : solicitors, Mears. Sudlow and Co. Bedford Row ; Mr. Shackleton, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds.

HALL, EDWARD, Manchester, stock-broker, April II, May 3: solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Co. Friday Street ; Messrs. Sale and CO. Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Pori, Manchester.

BENDER, EDMUND, Bodmin, ironmonger, April 13, May II: solicitors, Messrs. Smith, Southampton Buildings ; Messrs. Commins and Son, Bodinin; Mr. Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter.

HOLLAND, EDWARD CHRISTOPHER, Honiton, surgeon, April 13, May II : solicitors, Mr. Church, Bedford Row; Mr. Cox, Honiton ; Mr. Daw, Exeter ; official assignee, Mr. Maui, Exeter.

IRELAND, RICHARD, Wem, Shropshire, wine-merchant, Apri112, May 10: solicitors, Messrs. Walmsley quad Co. Wem ; Mr. James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham.

KING, Simon, Cheltenham, dealer incatiery, April 18, May 12 : solicitor, Mr. Sabine, Bristol; official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol.

O'Hawrost, Faux, St. Thomas the Apostle, linen-draper, April 12, May 3: solicitors, Messrs. Finch and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Messrs. Geare and Co. Exeter ; official assignee, Mr. liernameneExetes, -

PATRICK, WILLIAM, Farnham, builder, April 12, May 13 : solicitors, Messrs. John- stone and Co. Temple ; Mr. Nicola, Farnham ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court.

PELL, WILLIAM, Upper Thames Street, merchant, April 11, May 12: solicitors, Messrs. Marten and Co. Mincing Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

PERKINa, RIcHARD Basso, Coventry, carrier, April 13, May it : solicitors, Messrs. Austen and Hobson, Raymond's Buildings ; Messrs. Troughton and Lea, Coventry ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham.

PORTER, DANIEL GREENAWAY, Great Tower Street, wine-merchant, April 7, May 18: solicitors, Messrs. Mon and Co. Coleman Street ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Sambrook Court.

Porrga, Amos, Pakenham, Suffolk, butcher, April 12, May 18: solicitors, Messrs. Galaworthy and Nichol, Cook's Court, Carey Street ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Ba- singhall Street.

ROBERTS, JOHN and WILLIAM HAMMILL, Liverpool, ironmongers, April 19, May 5: solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Co. Temple ; Mr. Grocott, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.

Marro. JAMES, Birkenhead, slate merchant, April 19, May 5: solicitors, Mr. Wilkin, Furnivals Inn ; Mr. Brown, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool.

SMITH, RICHARD, Preston, corn.merchant, April 12, May 4: solicitors, Messrs. Nor- ris and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. Turner and Son, Preston ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

SPURR, WILLIAM HENRY, Liverpool, builder, April 14, May 8: solicitors, Messrs. Gregory and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. Duncan and Co. Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool.

TANNER, ALFRED OcraVIug, Edmonton, fruiterer, April 7, May 12: solicitor, Mr. Towns, Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate ; official assignee, Mr. Cannan, Birchin Lane. DIVIDENDS.

April 22, Porter, Wormwood Street, cheese-factor— April 22, Price, Birmingham, Jeweller—Mut) 28, Correll, Boston, Lincolnshire, shipowner—April 25, James, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, builder—April 27, Blake, Honiton, innkeeper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

April 22, Nowboult, East Retford, draper—April 24, Burnside, Richmond, timber- merchant—April 22, Ashton, Liverpool, builder—April 26, Ross, Birkenhead, builder— April 22. Henderson, Liverpool, Ironmonger—April 26, Roberts, Llanddansant, Angle- sey, grocer—April 22, Gregory, Birmingham, straw-plait-dealer—April 27, Martin, Tavistock, tanner.

To be confirmed unless cause be shown to the contrary on or Wore April 21.

Morris, Great Grimsby, builder—Bell, Lower Thames Street, fish-factor—Cotterill, Walsall, merchant—Pike, St. Margaret's Hill, High Street, Southwark, tallow-chandler —Wade, Bitton, Gloucestershire, miller—Hunter, Bishopwearmouth, grocer—Holt. Stifford, Essex, victualler—Sartain, Bradford, Wiltshire, sheep dealer—Burton, Com- mercial Road, Lambeth, builder—Brown, John Street, Edgeware Road, cheeaemonger —Timperley, Ashton-under-Lyne, llnendraper.


Street, Lee, Kent, plumber ; first div. of Is. 10d. April 3, and two following Mondays;; Mr. Cannan, urchin Lane—Wrensted, Union Street, Boston Street, Hackney Road, commission-agent ; first div. of 10d. April 3, and two following Mondays ; Mr. Cannan, Birchin Lane—Robison, Ipswich, draper ; first div. of Is. 8d. April 3, and two following Mondays; Mr. Cannan, Birchin Lane—Wetherell, Manchester, publican ; first div. of Is. 9d. April 4, or any subsequent Tuesday ;' Mr. Hobson, Manchester—Vertue, Liver- pool, mercharit ; first div. of is. 6d. April 4, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Case- move, Liverpool—Brooke. Liverpool, capper ; second div. of Is. 3d. April 4, or any sub- sequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool—Rollason, Birmingham, glass-dealer ; second div. of Mi. any Thursday ; Mr. Christie, Birmingham—G. and R. Cappur, Rant- wielt cheese-factors ; first div. of Os. April 4, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Case- nova, Liverpool.


M'Feat and Co. Glasgow, glass-merchants, April 5, 26—Mowat, Aberdeen, manufac- turer, April 7, May 5—Macdonald and Son, Inverness, hotel-keepers, April 3, 24— Dryburgh, Edinburgh, boor-maker, April 5, 26—Aitken, Fisherrow, mill-master, April 6, May 2—Beveridge, Brothers, Dunfermline, coal-masters, April 6, 27.