1 APRIL 1848, Page 19


ADMIRALTY, March 23.-The following promotions have this day taken place, con- sequent upon the death of Vice-Admiral F. Warren : Vice-Admiral of the White R. Curry, C.B., to be Vice-Admiral of the Red ; Vice-Admiral of the Blue S. Butcher to be ylce-Admiral of the White ; Rear-Admiral of the Red J. S. Carden to be Vice-Admiral of the Blue ; Rear-Admiral of the White Hon. Sir A. Maitland, C.B., K.C.M.G., to be Rear-Admiral of the Red ; Rear-Admiral of the Blue Sir F. A. Collier, C.B., K.C.H., to be gear Admiral of the White ; Capt. Sir A. W. J. Clifford, Bart., C.13., to be Rear-Ad- miral of the Blue.