1 APRIL 1848, Page 4

gbe court.

Tax Queen receives daily visits from the Dutchess of Kent. On Tues- day, the Dutchess of Gloucester was a visiter; on Wednesday, the Dutchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary. The Princess de Joinville and the Dutchess d'Aumale paid a private visit to the Queen yesterday.

Prince Albert received a visit at Buckingham Palace, on Monday, from Prince Paul of Wurtemberg, attended by Baron de Brunow, the Russian Ambassador. On Tuesday, the Dutchess of Kent and the Prince of Prussia dined with the Prince at the Palace. The Prince took four of the Royal children to Drury Lane Theatre on Tuesday, to a special morning perform- ance: on Thursday he attended the performances in Her Majesty's Theatre, on the occasion of a benefit for the distressed artisans of the Metropolis.

The Prince and Princess Augustus of Coburg, with their family, have left Buckingham Palace, for the Continent. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge entertained the Prince of Prussia, and a select party invited to meet him, on Wednesday.