1 APRIL 1848, Page 4

'rbe .ffletropolis.

The ceremony of "consecrating" Dr. Hampden, the Bishop-elect of Hereford, was performed on Sunday, in the chapel of Lambeth Palace. The audience was select, being admitted by special permission of the Arch- bishop. At the service .preceding the consecration, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishops of Worcester and Norwich personally took part: the Bishop of Llandaff was the third Bishop present, and joined the others in the imposition of hands when Dr. Hampden was invested. Dr. Hinds preached the sermon—from the text, "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world ": it was distinguished by Scriptural closeness, discreet orthodoxy, and a firm but conciliatory tone of guarded allusion to the state of the Church.

" Queen's College "—so named by Queen Victoria's desire—a female aca- demic institution in Harley Street, Cavendish Square, was formally opened on Wednesday. The College lass been established by the founders of the Governesses' Relief Institution ; and it is intended to secure, on an exten- sive scale, a high order of education to females. Exhibitions will be founded, and certificates of qualification will be granted.

" The British Servants Protection Society," formed in consequence of the treatment of British servants in France, held a meeting on Monday evening, to consider a body of resolutions which a committee had drawn up. The chair was taken by Mr. Kyezor, a wealthy tradesman resident in Tottenham Court Road. Speeches were delivered by respectable servants, or persons who have gained a competency in service. It was stated that 15,000 servants are out of place in London at this time. Much soreness was manifested at the general employment of foreigners as servants in English families: but the resolutions were ultimately postponed. On Thursday, the Society met again, and passed resolutions against the em- ployment of foreign servants.

It is said to be the intention of the Metropolitan Chartists to have a "great" meeting on Kennington Common on Monday next. Petitions for the Charter to be adopted, and the meeting to repair en masse to West- minster and present them to the Houses of Parliament; to reassemble on Tuesday, and go in procession to ask the Parliament for an answer!

At Marlborough Street Poliie-office, on Tuesday, Parker was finally

enermined on the charge of "tabbing; Eliza Bargathaving Henry-Sufficiently iecovered to attend. Parker was committed for trial.

At Maryleboce Police-office, yesterday, the Earl of Kingston was committed for trial on a charge preferred against him by a young man: he was released on giving sureties to the amount of 10,0001.