1 APRIL 1848, Page 9


On the 22d March, at the Rectory, Crane], Leicestershire, the Wife of the Rev. John Harewood Hill, of a son.

On the 22d, at the Vicarage, Frampton-on-Severn, the Wife of the Rev. George Chute, of a daughter.

On the 23d, at liathersage Hall, Derbyshire, the Lady of John S. Shuttleworth, Esq., of a daughter. On the 25th, in Arlington Street, the Lady Caroline Buncombe, of a son.

On the 26th, at Btoneeot Hill, Sutton, the Hon. Mrs. Sidney Roper Curzon, of a eon. On the 26th, at Neasham Hall, Durham, the Lady of James Cookson, Esq., of a eon and heir. On the 26th, at Stonecot Hill, Batton, the lion. Mrs. Sidney Roper Curzon, of a Son. On the 27th, at Edinburgh, the Wife of Alexander Cruickshank, Esq., of a son. On the 29th, at Dorfold Hall, Cheshire, Mrs. Wilbraham Tollemache, of a sou.


On the 22d March, in Moray Place, Edinburgh, Robert liandyalde, Esq., Advocate, Sheriff of Stirlingshire, to Helen, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Bruce, Esq., of Kennet. On the 27th, at Thirsk, Mutton Lambarde, eldest son of William Lainbardo, Esq., of Beechmont, Seven Oaks, to Mariano Teresa Livescy Turton, only daughter of Edmearl Turton, Esq., of Brasted Park, Kent, and of Kiklale. Yorkshire. On the 28th, at St. Margaret's Church, C. J. MacCarthy. Esq., Auditor-General of Ceylon, to Sophia Brunei, eldest daughter of B. Hawes, Esq., M.P. On the 25th, at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, the Rev. Evan L. Davies, to Mary Mar- garetta, only daughter of the late T. T. Atkin, Esq., of the Court Lodge, Huston, Kent, Deputy-Lieutenant and Magistrate and late High Sheriff for the County. On the 28th, at !Held Church, Charles Edward, second son of Richard Prime, Esq., M.P., of Walberton House, Sussex, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late James Don- avan, Esq., of Buckhans Hill, in the same county. On the 28th, at Hampstead Church, James Alexander, son of the late John Wed- derburn, Esq., and of Lady Helen Wedderburn, to Marion, daughter of James Costa Melvill, Esq., Secretary to the Hon. East India Company.

On the 30th. at St. George's, Hanover Square, Lieutenant-Colonel Chesney, Royal Artillery, to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Edward Fletcher, Esq., of Park Street. On the 80th, at Trinity Church, Wavertree, Benjamin Heywood Jones, Esq., of Lark- hill, Liverpool, to Louisa Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Hugh liornby, Esq., of Sandown, LiverpooL DEATHS.

On the 17th March, at Pisa, the Hon. Heater Cranford, Wife of the Rev. Sir George Craufurd, Bart. On the 17th, at Barskimming House, Manchline, Ayrshire, Lieutenant-General Sir Jeremiah Dickson, K.C.B., Colonel of the Sixty-arst Regiment ; in his 73d year.

On the 23d, at the Rectory, Little Ponton, the Rev. Ralph Worsley, M.A., Rector of Flnehley, Middlesex, and Sub-Dean of the Cathedral Church of Ripon ; in his 83d year. On the 23d, at Seven Oaks, the Rev. John A. Argles, Rector of Yrittenden, Kent ; in his 87th year. On the 24th, at Plymouth, Captain Sir William George Parker, Bart., R.N.; in his 60th year. On the 2.5th, the Rev. Charles Henry Laprimaudaye, forty-eight years Vicar of Ley- ton, Essex ; In his 85th year. On the 26th, at PrIttiewell, Essex, Robert Scallon, Esc' Commander R.N. ; iu his 77th year.

On the 26th, at Rempstone Hall, Nottinghamshire, John Smith Wright, Esq. ; in his 74th year.

On the 26th, at Biahopton Lodge. near Ripon, Elizabeth, Relict of the late William Downing, Esq., of Studley ; In her 90th year. On the 27th, at Charlton Grove, Kent, Major-General Sir William Gossett, K.C.H. and C.B., Royal Engineers, the Sergeant-at-Arms to the House of Commons ; in his 66th year.