1 APRIL 1865, Page 2

M. Rogeard, author of Labienus, has been indicted in his

ab- sence for a libel upon the Empire, and condemned par contumace to a fine and five years' imprisonment. The tribunal held that the pamphlet was "full of outrageous and scandalous imputations

against the Emperor," which is true enough, but the sentence, which is really one passed by an althor upon a hostile critic, is regarded as monstrous. It is rumoured that the Emperor intends to grant M. Rogeard a free pardon, but those who wish well to the author will scarcely advise him to leave his retreat. There are some offences which are never forgiven, and Frenchmen as well known as M. Rogeard are now in Cayenne, never having been tried at all. Augustus banished Ovid, but not to a tropical delta.