1 APRIL 1865, Page 3

The Rev. Robert Bremner, a minister of the " Free

" Church in Glasgow, has excommunicated (or has at least taken the initiative in excommunicating) a compositor in the printing office of The Glasgow _Herald, by name James Robertson, for working on that paper on a Sunday. The Glasgow Herald appears on a Monday, when the Rev. Robert.Bremner enjoys (as he admits) the-fruit of the Sunday's work without allowing his conscience to be affected by the fact that it is the result of Sabbath-breaking, but he will not permit James Robertson to do the work the fruits of which he enjoys. The rev, gentleman is weakly affectionate in his manner of exhorting James Robertson to throw himself out of work, very weakly in his arguments for that course, and strong only in his Sabbatarianism. "I was exceedingly grieved to learn from your wife, when visiting at your house yesterday, that you are regularly working at your ordinary employment on the Lord's Day. My object in writing to you is to urge and entreat you, with the most affectionate earnestness, to cease doing so. You know that it is wrong and sinful to transgress God's holy commandment as you are doing. Oh! do not therefore, I beseech you, continue to sin against God." The Free Church minister quotes of course a number of texts in support of his exhortation, chiefly to prove that Mr. Robertson-will be fed like the young lions if he throws up his place for the sake of the Lord. Mr. Robertson, however, does not express any doubt of that, but only whether he shall be fed in case he throws up his place for the sake of the Rev. Robert Bremner's view on that subject without sharing that view. On this the texts cited give him no information. but Mr. Bremner comes to the rescue of the texts, and proposes to cut him off from means of grace' unless he submits the sense of right given him by God to the correcting conscience of the Rev. Robert Bremner, of the Free Kirk of Scotland.