1 AUGUST 1952, Page 14


As I expected earlier in the year, it has turned- put to be, a great season for rabbits in this locality. Fields that never had them before, so long as I can remember, have them now by the score. Every bank hai several burrows, and young ones race for the hedge as one walks through ,the pasture. Wild rabbits seem to increase more rapidly if the early spring is favourable, and this is not surprising, because the young mature quickly. It was a fairly mild, warm spring with us, and there was less rain than usual. A cold spell with rain can easily kill off the young in the nests in the open field, and, at the same time, it delays intensive breeding which takes place when con- ditions become suitable. Conditions this year have been just right, and the numbers have increased to an extent that will keep the population large for along time to come. Pothunters are having a great time, and it is a poor night when they come down without five or six. I fancy that a large number who have taken to the business shoot the sitters, but, however they get them, they make no impression on the rabbits to be seen at every corner.