1 AUGUST 1952, Page 16

Holidays in Scotland

SIR,—Though I am delighted that Mr. J. Howard Wright enjoyed his first, and I hope not his last, visit to my country, I am afraid that my reaction to the content of his first paragraph is to reply that I h0e, as recently, returned from a holiday in England (not my first). I found the natives friendly, refreshment obtainable in even the smallest inns, and that there was also a fall of rain. Seriously, Sir, while 'welcoming as many of the English as care to come to Scotland for holidays, one cannot help feeling irritated by a certain English attitude of mind which at one moment, apparently regards Scotland as a foreign and slightly uncivilised country, and at the next as just another English county. This attitude may well be one explanation of the indifference shown by the Press and public in England to the movement for greater autonomy in Scotland, but may also be a precipitating factor in that movement.—Yours