1 AUGUST 1952, Page 5

In considering that full weight must be given, much more

weight than has in most quarters been given, to the well known devotion of the Express to veracity. It is well-known because both its " Controlling Shareholder," Lord Beaverbrook, and, its General Manager, Mr. E. J. Robertson, have proclaimed it. They proclaimed it in their evidence before the Royal Com- mission on the Press in 1948. Lord Beaverbrook, describing the function of a good newspaper, said : " It should deliver the news without any bias and in a lively manner, in a manner that will satisfy those who want to read news, and at the same time to know that they are getting the news truthfully and honestly."

Mr. Robertson said : " Round the walls of the main news-room of the Daily Express are big signs reminding the staff that accuracy is absolutely essential. We cannot look anywhere without seeing them."

Matter here to inspire all Fleet Street—as it doubtless does. It might, incidentally, inspire the Daily Telegraph, which published a short statement ascribed to Mrs. Maclean, and is not very convincing in its treatment of Mrs. Maclean's firm denial that she ever said a word to the Daily Telegraph.

* * * *