1 DECEMBER 1849, Page 10

an the Central Criminal Court, yesterday, Mr. Bodkin asked the

Court to fix the amount of bail for the appearance of Lord Dunboyne to answers true bill indictment that had been found against him by the Grand Jury for causing a

entry to be made in the parish registry of marriages. The proceedings had the taken under the-6 and 7 'Will. IV. cap. 86, sec. 41; and the facts leading to late 71srgo were these. On the 27th August 1842, Lord Dunboyne married the 75 pdy Danboyne, at Paddington Church ; and in the March of the following milting fee, as a widow, raised 4,5001. by way of mortgage on her estates; repro- estates, wlitat EP long as she was a widow she had power to raise money miler tied her, at ich were considerable. In December 1845, Lord Dunboyne again mar- entered in thSte George's Hanover Square, then causing a false description to be matter of the raparish registry of that church ; and that act formed the subject- opposing the alike:sent proceedings. Lady Dunboyne died in 1846 or 1847. In - three suits in thaacation, Mr. Ballantine said that there were now no-fewer than were only taken tomeery pending about this matter, and the present proceedings Lord Danboyne, witaatrass and intimidate the family. Bail was fixed at 5001. for

two sureties at 2501. each. At an inquest, yeste, Vitruvius Lewes, Mr. Lday, on the body of the late Mr. Sergeant Edward Hobson brought on spasm of tains, a surgeon, stated his opinion that the deceased • daring a very severe night, 9 heart, through imprudently leaving his warm bed turned a verdict accordingly. lad drinking a tumbler of cold water. The Jury re- 'The Botanical Society of Let

Thursday evening, at its rooms ielon held -its thirteenth anniversary meeting on annually, and now numbers- 249 Bedford StreetaStrand. The Society increases elected President; Idr..J. Mien, Mranembers. Mr. J. G. Gray, F.RS., was re-

Vice-Presidents. .B. Sand, Mr. E. Doubleday, were elected